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Operating Outside of the United States

The following is additional information and considerations regarding operating a Twinstant Full-Body 3D Scanning System outside the United States:

Twinstant Power Requirements

The Twinstant is designed to work on a 120V/20A circuit. If your country operates on power standards different from this, an additional transformer is necessary to either step the voltage up or down. The cost for these transformers varies between $120 and $500, depending on your location. Let us know your country’s specific power standards and we will make sure to find an appropriate solution for you.

3D Printing Options

We 3D print all models in our production facility located in Berkeley, California. Here are a few options to minimize your shipping costs for international deliveries:

  1. Print through Twindom, bulk ship, then redistribute – In order to save on shipping costs for you and your customers, we can ship consolidated bulk orders to you on a scheduled basis. For example, we can arrange to ship all of your customers’ orders to you in a bulk package at the end of each week for you to distribute in person or re-ship via a local carrier. This is generally the most cost effective solution if you order our heavily discounted 3″, 5″, and 7″ sizes. Please inquire for bulk shipping pricing to your location.
  2. Print on your own – Have your own printer? Easily access your customer’s orders for printing from
  3. 3rd party print partner – Found a local print partner? Easily access your customer’s order for printing from Troubles finding a local print partner? Ask us and we might know a print partner local to you.

Twinstant System Shipping and Customs Fees

Shipping and customs fees for the Twinstant is not included in our generally quoted price. Contact for a custom quote. We use a freight shipping bidding service to ensure a competitive price; however, you can also arrange your own shipping if that is what you would prefer.

Language and Translation

We will perform rudimentary translation on all content you and your customers will interact with if your primary language is one other than English. We understand that online translation services are often flawed, so we are keen on collaborating with you to fine tune the translations. Where the .com extension is not widely used, we will also work with you to establish your country specific domain extension.

This page is no longer current. Please click here for up to date information.

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