Potential Target Customers for 3D Photography

3D Photography serves many purposes for many different customer segments. Below are a few notable groups to consider serving.


Similar to a family portrait, a 3D photograph of an entire family is something people treasure and are sure to display front and center in their homes. These prints in particular are more likely to be repurchased in different sizes and given to multiple family members as gifts.


3D photographs with people the people that mean the most hold a high emotional value, just as with 2D photographs. A well-posed 3D photograph of a couple can serve as a wonderful keepsake.


Capturing those important childhood milestones with 3D photography gives parents and grandparents something truly unique to hold onto. 3D photographs of children are one of the most reordered type of print, often given out as gifts to parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.


What better way to honor a loyal pet than with a 3D photograph. Whether on the desk at work or on the mantle at home, a 3D print of a pet is sure to draw plenty of attention.


As family members age, holding their memory close becomes a top priority. Taking a 3D photograph of these individuals provides the opportunity to create a lifelong keepsake in their image.

Holiday Gifts

There is hardly a more unique or sentimental gift than a 3D photograph. Perfect for Christmas, for Valentines Day, for Mothers Day, for Fathers Day, for birthdays, etc. As there are quite a few holidays during the year, this market presents a reliable recurring revenue opportunity.

Major Life Occasions

From baby showers to weddings, graduations to proms, there is always an occasion to commemorate you looking and feeling your best. 3D photographs taken at these times can serve as an important keepsake for years to come.

Uniforms / Outfits

Hockey 3D Printed FIgurine Twindom

We often define ourselves by and take great pride in what we wear, whether a uniform for work, your favorite sports team’s jersey, or a fully-fledged costume. For this reason, people are keen to immortalize their appearance and what it means to them.

3D Selfies

While a 3D selfie customer is unlikely to come back year after year (though it’s not out of the question), there is nothing wrong with loving how you look and putting a big smile on your face with a 3D print of you.

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