3D Portrait Case Study: My Twin ME

mytwinme 3D portrait logo

Business Model: Malls + Events

Location: Santa Rosa, California

Website: www.mytwinme3d.com

“Twindom’s Twinstant full body scanners provide you the best value for your money. Their customer support is fabulous.”

-Martin Ramos, Owner of My Twin ME

Full body 3D scanner in a mall

My Twin ME’s Twinstant Double (generation before Twinstant Mobile)

1. Tell me about My Twin ME. Where are you located? Who is your target market?

MARTIN: We are located/home based in Northern Calif. We started out in a Sonoma County mall but after the holidays felt due to our demographic area that we were better off targeting specialty conventions. To name a few, I am also targeting wedding shows for cake toppers, pet shows and anything team sports related.

2. How do you price the 3D portraits? What’s the most common thing people buy?

MARTIN: I price my products by starting with a percentage mark up then look at the affordability of the cost and adjust from there. I’m not trying to get rich on a single sale. I want to provide an awesome product at a very competitive price.

The most common purchased items are 5″ followed by 3″ full body 3D printed figurines.

3. What’s been your favorite thing about using the Twinstant and Twindom Manager to handle print orders for My Twin ME?

MARTIN: Each event presents new challenges based on ambient lighting, etc. Once we get it calibrated and dialed in for the location and begin scanning, my favorite thing is the quality of the low resolution previews. Next to that, how the customer is amazed by the image.

4. What types of events have you found to be most successful?

MARTIN: Fantasy/Comic/Sci-Fi Conventions

5. What’s one piece of advice you would give people that are new to the 3D printed figurine industry?

MARTIN: This is new and unique technology. We (the USA) are a few years behind the Europeans in acceptance of a 3D “Ultimate Selfie”. We are offering something extremely unique. Keep at it and know that you were a pioneer in this industry.

6. Would you recommend the Twinstant to other people entering the 3D printed figurine industry?

MARTIN: Absolutely. Twindom’s Twinstant full body scanners provide you the best value for your money. Their customer support is fabulous.

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