3D Printed Figurine Case Study: MiniMe Factory

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Business Model: Studio

Location: Alpharetta, Georgia

Website: www.minimefactory.com

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MiniMe Factory’s grand opening.

1. Before MiniMe Factory, what were you doing?

REZA (Owner of MiniMe Factory): I was working for HP in the software R&D department.

2. Tell me about MiniMe Factory. Where are you located?

REZA: We are right outside of Atlanta. We are located about 20 minutes north of downtown in the IT district city of Alpharetta.

3. At your location, what is your foot traffic like? Who are the main types of customers you sell to?

REZA: There are a few locally known restaurants in our shopping center and a good crowd during the week from all of the big businesses around us.

4. From your Instagram, it seems like you’ve had quite a few TV personalities and newscasters come in and get 3D scanned. Were these contacts you had before? How did you initially reach out? How has it been working for you so far?

REZA: No, I did not have any direct contacts when I first started. I focused on the local community and tested every avenue to get noticed. I offered to scan to our local police and fire departments which turned out to be a good step toward getting noticed. I still continue to get noticed by finding prospects who are deeply interested in the technology or the product.

5. What marketing channels have you found work best? How do people normally find out about MiniFactory?

REZA: We run a continuous boost on Google and social media. We also stay in touch with our customers through follow up emails and keep them updated on the progress of their orders. Event and wedding planners have also been good marketing channels.

6. What’s the most memorable 3D printed figurine you’ve done so far?

REZA: We did a Police Officer K9 specialist with his dog both captured together. That was a hit on our social media.

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7. How do you see your business expanding?

REZA: I am currently looking at two options: possibly adding another system for being mobile or adding another location. It will be one of the two.

8. If you could share 1 piece of marketing advice with someone thinking about setting up a 3D printed figurine business what would it be?

REZA: Start the marketing early, and have a plan for increasing the awareness as you get closer to your launch date.

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