Full Body 3D Scanning Studios

The studio business model involves renting a storefront and hiring employees to assist with operations. Studio leases can last 1-5 years. They typically have low to moderate foot-traffic, and for that reason, generally require additional marketing to bring in clients. They have a high risk profile due to the heavy upfront costs to “build out” the store, the long-term lease cost, and the staffing requirement; however, in some cases, you can operate a studio very profitably by choosing a high-traffic location or only staffing when appointments are scheduled.

Operating a studio location gives you the opportunity to set more of your own rules, compared to a mall location where they may have specific requirements/regulations that you have to follow.

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Twindom combines proprietary technology and top-of-the-line production tools to bring 3D photography businesses to life. Our scalable solution is designed to operate across a range of full-body scanning photography business models. As you begin to set up your 3D scanning and printing business, we recommend taking the following parameters into consideration:

Max Operational Days/Year
Foot Traffic
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Potential Annual Revenue
Fixed Costs
Operational Costs