3D Printed Wedding Cake Toppers

Custom 3D printed wedding cake topper

Custom Wedding Cake Topper That Looks Exactly Like You!

With the rise of photorealistic 3D printing and 3D scanning, you can now make a custom wedding cake topper that looks exactly like you- no more having to settle for stock models of a bride and groom that don’t look like you! To make a custom 3D printed wedding cake topper all you need to do is head to a 3D portrait studio that has a full body 3D scanner to take you and your partner’s 3D photos. Thankfully, there are now literally hundreds of 3D portrait studios that now offer the service, so chances are there is one near your area. Once you locate a 3D portrait studio to make your custom 3D printed wedding cake topper, here are the steps you will likely go through:

  1. Figure out what you’re going to wear
  2. Strike a bunch of poses in the full-body scanner and pick out your favorite
  3. Receive your custom 3D printed wedding cake topper in the mail
  4. Place it on the cake

Below we’ll go over each stage of the process to make a 3D printed wedding cake topper in more detail.

Steps to Make a Custom 3D Printed Wedding Cake Topper

Casual wedding cake topper

1. Figure out what you’re going to wear– Your wedding cake topper should ultimately be a reflection of you and your partner- after all it is actually you thanks to 3D printing. Some couples like to dress up in more formal wear, while others like doing something more casual (ex/ if you’re doing a wedding in Hawaii, you could each wear flower leis.)

Tip: To ensure your custom 3D printed wedding cake topper comes out high quality, make sure to avoid materials that are transparent or translucent since they don’t 3D scan particularly well. When you book your appointment, make sure to reach out to the 3D portrait studio for other things to be cognizant of.

2. Strike a bunch of poses- The process is very quick and you only need to hold a pose for 1/4 of a second. It’s very similar to just taking a regular 2D picture. Once you take your 3D scan you’ll be able to select what size of cake topper you want. Sizes typically range from 3 inch to 9 inch. Make sure to ask for HD retouching when ordering as this will ensure your cake topper is produced with the highest quality for your special day. See video for overview of the full process.

Tip: Most people tend to order a 4 inch to 6 inch custom wedding cake topper. As you’re selecting your size make sure to think about how big you want your custom 3D printed wedding cake topper in relation to your cake.

Receive your custom 3D printed wedding cake topper

3. Receive your 3D printed wedding cake topper- It typically takes 2-4 weeks to receive your custom 3D printed wedding cake topper after you’ve been 3D scanned at a 3D portrait studio and you place your order. Once you receive your 3D printed figurine follow these tips to ensure it lasts.

Tip: The current generation of full-color 3D printers print in full color sandstone meaning your custom wedding cake topper could break if you’re not careful. If you do end up chipping it, you can either use super glue to repair it or reorder a copy from the 3D portrait studio. Follow this link to learn about the next generation of full color 3D printers that will be able to print in full-color plastic. 

4. Placing it on the cake- When your big day arrives it’s time to place your custom 3D printed wedding cake topper on your cake. To place it on top we recommend placing a layer of wax paper down first on top of the cake to ensure parts of the cake don’t get on your cake topper. After the wedding you can take your timeless 3D printed memory home to display on your mantle and also order copies to give to the wedding party.

Casual wedding cake topper

Ready to make your custom 3D printed wedding cake topper?

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