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How do payments work?

In order to accept payments you will need to setup a Stripe account and link it to your own bank account. Here is a link to a video for how to setup a Stripe account and integrate it into your Twindom Cloud Platform account.  Stripe is a similar service to Paypal and allows you to directly deposit funds into your business’s bank account. When a customer pays for a print through your Twindom online store or your Twindom POS the entire retail price you charge your customer is automatically sent directly your Stripe account. Stripe allows you to accept payment in almost…

How does online ordering work for end-customers?

Customers may place orders by logging into their account, adding a 3D portrait to their cart and checking out with a credit card or debit card. Whatever business name and currency you setup with your Stripe account is what will show up on a customer’s bank statement. Click here to learn more about how Stripe integrates into the Twindom Cloud Platform.

How does in-person ordering work?

For accepting payments in-person you have 2 options: using the POS (point of sale) system that comes with the Twindom Cloud Platform or using your own POS system. If you’re using the built-in POS then all you need to do is click “Create Order” in your admin interface, collect the customer’s shipping information, mark if it’s a credit card or cash payment and then click submit. After you click submit, you will need to confirm you want the order submitted to production. Once the order is confirmed the retail cost of the 3D figurine is automatically sent to your Stripe…

What is the recommended retail price on 3D prints?

This is a complex question that depends heavily on your local market. Contact us to download our 3D Photography Industry Guide to learn about different pricing strategies.

Do you offer financing?

No.  We do not offer financing options at this time.

Do I get any marketing materials?

A selection of pictures of 3D prints are made available for Twinstant Mobile owners to use on their own marketing materials.

Can I use the Twindom brand?

No, we do not allow the use of our brand by partners.

Whose brand do I use?

You will be given the tools to use your own brand. Upon setting up your Twindom Platform account, the Twindom Platform and customer login pages become branded with your logo and company name.

How much space do I need for a retail installation?

The Twinstant is 10ft (3.05m) in diameter and requires only a small table for the laptop. We recommend a minimum of 10′x15′ (3.05m x 4.57m) space in order to setup the Twinstant Mobile, a small table for the laptop, and still have room for showcasing the 3D printed product in compact display cases.

How should I price my products?

We have made ordering 3D prints as afforable as possible so you can price low and go for volume or price at a premium and still make strong margins. Contact us to download a 3D Photography Industry Guide we have been assembling for more information regarding pricing strategies we have seen work well.