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Where is the full color 3D printing done?

The 3D printed figurines are made by one of our approved full color 3D print partners around the world. When an order is placed, a 3D print partner is selected based on current lead times, pricing, and proximity to the final customer. This way your customer can get their 3D portrait as fast as possible.

Can I offer different and/or larger 3D figurine sizes?

Yes, you may, assuming the size is possible for one of our full color 3D printing partners to print. Please contact us for more information regarding custom sizing. To note: we have carefully selected the default 3D figurine sizes to offer the greatest value (size vs. price).  

How long does it take for 3D figurines to ship internationally?

All 3D figurines are automatically routed to your closest full color print partner and then either bulk shipped directly to you or drop shipped to your customers. For example, if your business is based in Europe all of your prints will be sent through our European print partner. Please inquire for pricing.

Can the 3D portraits be shipped to international customers?

Yes, with the exception of countries not serviced by regular carriers due to international policies, trade embargoes and economic sanctions. 3D portraits shipped internationally may be subject to additional duties and taxes.

What do I need to know about customs and duties on the 3D figurines?

Depending on the destination country of the order, duties and taxes may be assessed upon importation. The 3D figurines are made out of a full-color sandstone material. When shipped via Expedited International Shipping, the full-color sandstone 3D prints are classified under HS code 9503002900. When shipped via Standard International Shipping, the full-color sandstone 3D prints are classified under HS code 6809900000 / 680990008.

Who receives the ordered 3D portrait, me or the customer?

The 3D portrait will arrive at the shipping address supplied with the order. You can either have the 3D portraits bulk shipped to you or drop shipped to an end customer.

How much does shipping cost for prints?

Shipping within the United States starts at $6.00 per package. Shipping internationally starts at $9.50 per package. Please contact us for the most up to date shipping pricing information.

What are print delivery times?

Lead times vary depending on where the print is being shipped to. Prints will typically arrive at the final destination in 1 – 4 weeks.

What does printing cost?

Please contact us for our most up to date print pricing.

How can I become a print partner?

Please contact us for additional information.