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What if I already have a printer?

We have an “contact-us” plan available on the Twindom Platform that allows unlimited full quality 3D model downloads. The full quality 3D models are not touched up prior to being made available for download. Please contact sales for more information.

How are pets priced?

Small pets (smaller than an infant) must be scanned with an adult and are included at no additional charge. Pets larger than an infant are considered a person and may be scanned alone. They are priced according to the standard person pricing; however, the models are scaled down before printing according to the position the pet is in. If the pet is standing up, the model is scaled to 50% height (a 7″ model of a dog standing would be printed at a height of 3.5″), if the pet is laying down the pet is scaled to 25% height (a 7″ model of a dog laying…

How are children priced?

Infants under the age of 1 must be scanned with at least one adult and are included at no additional charge. Children over 1 year of age are considered adults and are priced according to the standard person pricing.

What 3D print sizes are available?

Our mix of 3D printed products and sizes is constantly growing. Please contact us for the most up to date information.

How durable are the figures?

A figure is comparable to a wine glass in terms of durability. You can handle them without much worry, but they will break if dropped on the ground. The figures are not waterproof and will get water spots if spilled on. Figures should be kept away from continuous exposure to bright lights, especially direct sunlight, as they will fade over time (much like a traditional photograph).

Do you also sell the 3D printer?

We do not.  You will have to contact a 3D Systems reseller for that, but before investing in a 3D printer, we encourage you to read more about why it makes sense to print through Twindom.

How do you achieve such low prices?

We run numerous algorithms to automatically repair the 3D scans, then we optimize and hollow the 3D models to save on total volume. Because we order large quantities of 3D prints, we have negotiated reduced 3D printing rates with our print partners.

Why does it make sense to print through Twindom?

In short: for fast, low-cost, high quality 3D printing and fulfillment achieved through our global network of approved 3D print partners. For specifics, read on. Why Twindom? First, through model optimizations, volume pricing and automated 3D model repairs, we are able to offer 3D prints at prices very similar to what you’d pay for raw materials if you 3D printed on your own – especially when you factor in model touch-up time/cost. Second, 3D printing is far more complex than 3D printer distributors will have you believe. Here are some additional factors to consider when choosing to print on your own, which…

How is the packaging branded when it arrives to an end-customer?

This varies based on the print partner we use to fulfill your orders. Some will ship unbranded and paperless, while others are capable of doing 100% custom branded packaging for an additional fee. It is also possible to ship all of the products to your address for re-branding and shipping or pick-up. Bulk ordering prints for shipping to a central location is also available to save on shipping costs.

How does 3D printing and order fulfillment work?

When an order is placed by a customer through their account or through the Twindom Portal, we programatically determine which of our approved global 3D print partners is best capable of filling that order in a timely fashion. Once selected, we send the order to the print partner who begins fulfilling the order. Order status updates are made available on the Twindom Platform throughout the process.