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How can I order a sample? What does a sample cost?

Click here to contact us about getting a sample. 

What is a 3D Preview Model?

A 3D Preview Model is a 3D model we process as soon as the raw photo data from the Twinstant Mobile is submitted to the Twindom Cloud Platform for processing. The purpose of the 3D Preview Model  is to provide a basic, digital representation of the final 3D printed figurine while the customer is still onsite. In contrast to the full resolution, print-quality 3D model that is processed when a customer places a print order, a 3D Preview Model is processed using only a minimum viable amount of data (~15 MB) to speed up the processing time (5-10 minutes) and ensure…

Are there any discounts available?

Please contact sales for available promotions. Discounts are available on sales of multiple units at once.

How much does the Twinstant Mobile cost?

Click here for pricing.

Where can I see and try the Twinstant Mobile?

Please contact us to learn where the nearest Twinstant Mobile is to you or to schedule a demo at our headquarters in Berkeley, California.

Why shouldn’t I use a handheld scanner to scan people?

You won’t be able to scan kids, pets and some adults due to movement. Handheld scanners require that customers remain motionless for upwards of a few minutes or the 3D scan will not process properly. Some adults are capable of standing still for this period of time, but from our experience pets and kids are not. The slow scan time of a handheld scanner also means it is only feasible to capture ~6 scans/hour.

Is 3D photography easy to do? Do I need to be technically inclined?

Operating the Twinstant Mobile is simple. We have tackled and solved all of the most difficult technical problems that come with 3D scanning and printing to create a truly turnkey full-body scanning system, so you can focus on scanning as many customers as possible. The Twinstant Mobile can be transported in the back of a car, set up in less than an hour with a single screwdriver, and operated with just a few clicks of a mouse. If you are comfortable operating a computer, you will be comfortable using the Twinstant Mobile.