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Scanning with the Twinstant Mobile
How does training work?

A remote training session is scheduled upon receipt of the Twinstant Mobile. The system is simple enough to learn how to operate it proficiently in just a few hours via a phone call. Extensive setup and training documentation and videos are also provided.

If I own multiple Twinstant Mobiles, do I need multiple Twindom Platform subscriptions?

Yes. Every Twinstant Mobile requires its own platform subscription to process models.

How much post processing is needed per model?

None. All model post processing is done automatically at no additional charge when printing through the Twindom Cloud Platform. If you are printing on your own (not recommended, read the 3D printing FAQ to learn why), post processing time varies by the model and the expertise of the touch-up artist.

Do I need special lighting?

No. The white strips on each of the Twinstant Mobile towers is a high CRI LED strip that provides uniform 360-degree lighting. The Twinstant Mobile must still be operated in a well lit environment (the LEDs are not powerful enough to take captures in a very dark room).

Can I operate the Twinstant Mobile without internet?

Yes, captures may be taken without an Internet connection; however, a connection to the Internet is required to to use the Twindom Platform for 3D model processing, customer account creation, ordering, etc. Captures taken in offline mode are saved on the supplied laptop and queued for syncing with the Twindom Platform. Syncing is initiated through the Capture App when an Internet connection is available to the laptop.

Can I operate the Twinstant Mobile outdoors?

It is possible to operate the Twinstant Mobile outdoors, but we do not guarantee its performance under these conditions. The Twinstant Mobile is not water resistant and may become damaged if exposed to precipitation or extreme humidity. The following environmental requirements must still be met if scanning outdoors: – No direct sunlight – Well lit environment – Operating temperature below 74ºF (23ºC) In addition to these requirements, processing may fail if scans are taken in a windy environment as the wind can cause customer’s clothing and hair to move during the scan.

What if I scan something not approved by the scanning guide?

The system will never prevent you from attempting a scan; however, print orders placed for scans that do not follow our guidelines will be rejected in our print review process. The scanning guidelines were created to ensure all scans captured will result in high-quality 3D prints that will not break in shipping.

What resolution are the scans taken at?

The full resolution, 3D printable models have approximately 400,000 faces per person (e.g. a 2-person scan has 800,000 faces) and 8K textures.

How many people can I scan in an hour?

The Twinstant Mobile is capable of running a new capture approximately every 12 seconds for a theoretical maximum of 300 captures/hour. In other words, the Twinstant Mobile can take captures as quickly as customers can pose and move in or out of the system.

How long does it take to run a 3D capture?

1/4 of a second. This is fast enough to capture children and pets holding still, but not a subject in motion.