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Scanning with the Twinstant Mobile
How many people can I scan at once?

1-2 people, so long as they’re contained in the capture-able area (cylinder – 3ft, 0.9m diameter, 6ft 6inch, 2m height). Two people and a small child or a pet will often work as well. However, we do not guarantee that scanning more than 2 people will process successfully.

What is the smallest item that can be scanned?

The Twinstant Mobile is designed to scan people and their pets. We do not suggest scanning anything smaller than a medium sized dog or a child under the age of five (5) years old. If you plan on regularly scanning objects of a small size, we recommend looking for a handheld 3D scanner instead of using a Twinstant.

What can’t I scan?

We do not recommend using the Twinstant Mobile for scanning standalone objects. Poses that fall outside the scan-able area (cylinder – 3ft, 0.9m diameter, 6ft 6inch, 2m height) will be cropped. Shiny and semi-transparent objects are unlikely to process (glasses, chrome plated objects, shiny black fabrics, mesh fabrics), as are small objects and clothing features (thin framed glasses, purse straps).

What can I scan?

The Twinstant Mobile was designed to scan 1-2 people. The official capture-able area inside the system is a cylinder with a diameter of 3ft (0.9m) and a height of 6ft 6inches (2m). More than 2 people standing inside this area may still process successfully, but we cannot guarantee the quality of those scans.