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How much does the Twindom Cloud subscription cost?

Click here for pricing.

What is a CRM, how does it work and why is it valuable?

We have integrated a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) into the Twindom Platform. The CRM retains customer information, order history and simplifies running promotions and keeping customers up to date. The CRM is a tremendously useful tool for selling existing customers additional products.

What is the Twindom Cloud Platform? (AKA: Twindom Platform, Twindom Cloud)

The Twindom Cloud Platform ( is our subscription-based web service that takes care of everything after a scan session is complete, including: – Ultra fast preview 3D model processing – Full resolution 3D model processing – 3D model repair for 3D printing – Product offerings customization – 3D print fulfillment – Customer management – Order entry and payment processing All upgrades made to the Twindom Cloud Platform immediately benefit all subscribers. This means subscribers get to reap the full benefits of Twindom’s full engineering efforts as we: continue to increase scan quality, decrease scan processing time, introduce additional products, reduce the cost of 3D printing and much more.  A…