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Twinstant Mobile Full-body 3D Scanner
How does the Twinstant Capture App work?

1. Enter customer information 2. Run captures with the click of a button 3. Review captures in portrait gallery in seconds 4. Review 3D model on cloud in minutes

What are lead times on the Twinstant Mobile?

Lead time is currently 4-6 weeks for the Twinstant Mobile. Please contact sales for the most up to date lead time, or reserve now to guarantee yourself a place in the production queue.

What are the payment terms for the Twinstant Mobile?

We require a 70% deposit to begin production of the Twinstant Mobile. The remaining 30% must be paid prior to shipping/pickup. We accept wire transfers and checks. Please contact salesfor more information.

How does shipping the Twinstant Mobile work and how much does it cost?

The price of the Twinstant Mobile does not include shipping. You may arrange your own shipping or we can arrange shipping by air, ground or ocean for you. The crate that the Twinstant Mobile ships in measures 56 inches tall, 50 inches wide, and 30 inches deep. The total weight of a Twinstant Mobile and all packing materials (including the crate) is ~450 pounds. Estimated transit times and costs: Ground shipping domestic (within the US), 5-10 business days – $1,000 – $3,000 Air shipping international, 5-10 days – $1,500 – $5,500 Ocean shipping international, 30 – 60 days – $1,000 – $2,000

Can I use my own laptop to run the Twinstant?

No. The laptop we ship with the Twinstant Mobile has been upgraded and customized to work seamlessly with the Twinstant Mobile and comes pre-installed with all of the necessary Twinstant Mobile capture software.

Why aren’t you using DSLRs?

DSLRs do not automatically equate to quality. The DSLR approach to quality is to capture an excessive amount of data and hope that enough of it is accurate enough produce a good 3D model, which requires significant processing time and does not always result in a usable capture. We focus instead on guaranteeing the data we capture is accurate with a new hybrid approach to 3D scanning. This allows us to achieve a very similar level of detail to a DSLR system, but far more consistently and using much smaller and cheaper components. Regardless, the Twinstant Mobile’s combination of cameras, projectors, and advanced software produce 3D…

How many projectors does the Twinstant Mobile use?

The Twinstant Mobile has 25 custom integrated projectors, which blanket the subject in a pattern that helps produce high quality geometry detail.

How many cameras does the Twinstant Mobile use?

The Twinstant Mobile has 89 custom integrated cameras.

What type of Internet connection do I need?

Captures can be run without any Internet connection in offline mode; however, a reliable Internet connection is necessary to connect to the Twindom Cloud Platform to process Preview Models, create customer accounts and place orders through the Twindom interface. Even if you don’t have an internet connection it is still possible to show customers the raw photo data from their capture in the Twindom Capture App that is installed on the laptop that comes with the Twinstant Mobile. All captures run in offline mode can be synced with the Twindom Cloud Platform at the click of a button through the Twindom Capture…

How much power does the Twinstant Mobile need to operate?

The Twinstant Mobile in its standard configuration requires one 20A/120V circuit with at least three (3) wall outlets available. Transformers are available for locations outside the US with different wall plug and voltage standards.