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Twinstant Mobile Full-body 3D Scanner
How is the system secured to the ground?

The Twinstant Mobile is not secured to the ground. Each of the towers is connected by a bottom and top ring of polycarbonate plastic which gives the system the rigidity to withstand people accidentally knocking into it. The Twinstant Mobile weighs ~330lbs and is therefore difficult to move once set up. Additional anchor holes and tamper proof bolts can be installed to further secure the system.

How much does the Twinstant Mobile weigh?

The Twinstant Mobile is approximately 330lbs (150kg). Each of the 17 fold-able towers weighs ~16lbs (7.25kg).

What are the dimensions of the Twinstant Mobile when it is packed?

The Twinstant Mobile packed occupies a volume of approximately 14 cubic feet and can be packed in multiple configurations. Each tower folded for transportation is 43″ x 6.5″ x 4″ (110cm x 17cm x 10cm), with 17 towers total.

What are the dimensions of the Twinstant Mobile when set up?

The Twinstant Mobile forms a circle 10ft (3.05m) in diameter. Each tower is 7ft 2inches (2.18m) tall when unfolded.  

How easy is it take to set up and take down the Twinstant Mobile?

The Twinstant Mobile can be set up or taken down in under 30 minutes with just a single operator. No tools are required for setup/takedown.

How is the Twinstant Mobile controlled?

The Twinstant Mobile is controlled through the Twindom Capture App, which comes pre-installed on the laptop included with the Twinstant Mobile. 

How does the Twinstant Mobile work?

How does it work? Scans and orders can be taken and placed in 3 easy steps: 1. Scan, 2. Review, 3. Order. 1. Scan Once set up, the Twinstant Mobile is controlled through the Twindom Capture App pre-loaded on the included laptop. A scanning session is started by filling a customer’s information in on the Capture App (name, email, phone number). Next, the customer poses in the middle of the Twinstant Mobile while the operator clicks a button to run captures. 2. Review 5 – 15 seconds after each capture, the customer is able to review the complete photo gallery. When the customer…