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How does in-person ordering work?

For accepting payments in-person you have 2 options: using the POS (point of sale) system that comes with the Twindom Cloud Platform or using your own POS system.

If you’re using the built-in POS then all you need to do is click “Create Order” in your admin interface, collect the customer’s shipping information, mark if it’s a credit card or cash payment and then click submit. After you click submit, you will need to confirm you want the order submitted to production. Once the order is confirmed the retail cost of the 3D figurine is automatically sent to your Stripe account (which is linked to your bank account) and we charge your credit card for the fulfillment costs.

If you’re using your own POS then you still use the “Create Order” section in your admin interface the same way, but when it came time to enter in payment details for your customer you select charge to Partner Account rather then entering the customer’s details. Charging to Partner Account means that when you confirm the 3D figurine order we only charge your credit card the fulfillment costs and don’t charge the end customer.