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How does the Twinstant Mobile work?

How does it work?

Scans and orders can be taken and placed in 3 easy steps: 1. Scan, 2. Review, 3. Order.
1. Scan
Once set up, the Twinstant Mobile is controlled through the Twindom Capture App pre-loaded on the included laptop. A scanning session is started by filling a customer’s information in on the Capture App (name, email, phone number). Next, the customer poses in the middle of the Twinstant Mobile while the operator clicks a button to run captures.
2. Review
5 – 15 seconds after each capture, the customer is able to review the complete photo gallery. When the customer is happy with all the captures they have taken, the scanning session  is complete and captures are selected for preview processing (with an Internet connection). The data from the selected captures is uploaded to the Twindom Cloud Platform where it is processed into preview models and returned for viewing in 5 – 10 minutes. The preview models are also automatically emailed to the customer in the event that they leave before the models are finished processing.
3. Order
Orders can be placed by the customer through their account or by the Twinstant Mobile operator through the Twindom platform at any point after a scanning session is complete. Scans are never deleted from customer accounts, so they may be ordered and reordered at any time with the account login information.