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What type of Internet connection do I need?

Captures can be run without any Internet connection in offline mode; however, a reliable Internet connection is necessary to connect to the Twindom Cloud Platform to process Preview Models, create customer accounts and place orders through the Twindom interface. Even if you don’t have an internet connection it is still possible to show customers the raw photo data from their capture in the Twindom Capture App that is installed on the laptop that comes with the Twinstant Mobile. All captures run in offline mode can be synced with the Twindom Cloud Platform at the click of a button through the Twindom Capture App interface, once a connection has been reestablished to the supplied laptop.

For each Preview Model, ~15mb of data is uploaded to the Twindom Platform and ~5mb is returned and downloaded. Full-resolution 3D printable models upload ~120mb of data from the Twinstant Mobile to the Twindom Cloud Platform. Preview Model transfers take precedence over full-resolution transfers so as to not slow down the preview generation process. Please check upload and download speed and data limits (if applicable) with your Internet service provider in advance of purchasing a Twinstant Mobile to ensure an adequate connection. 
When uploading scans, we suggest using a connection with a minimum of a 3mbps upload speed.