Full Body 3D Scanning at Events

Mobile events, as a business, can be exceedingly lucrative, depending on how you book your events. Depending on the event type, potential customers may or may not be (1) wearing the right outfits or (2) with the right people to take a valuable 3D portrait. If you choose the right types of events (comicons, parties, store openings, sporting competitions/practices, etc), you can find customers at the right moment to capture them and provide them with an awesome memory.

When evaluating specific events, it is exceedingly important to know your target customer’s on-site spend (to ensure you’re pricing your products within their allowable price range), the foot traffic numbers (make sure you have enough potential customers), and, if you are working with a client on a paid event, the client’s goals with the event.

There areĀ thousands of potential events to choose from when running a mobile events business model; however, only a few of them are likely to be profitable for you, so always be vigilant when researching and choosing which event(s) you’ll be a part of!

Custom 3D printed wedding cake topper

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Twindom combines proprietary technology and top-of-the-line production tools to bring 3D photography businesses to life. Our scalable solution is designed to operate across a range of full-body scanning photography business models. As you begin to set up your 3D scanning and printing business, we recommend taking the following parameters into consideration:

Max Operational Days/Year
Foot Traffic
Ease of Selling to the Customer
Potential Annual Revenue
Fixed Costs
Operational Costs