Full Body 3D Scanning in Theme Parks

The theme park business model involves renting space in a theme park, then either (1) staffing that location or (2) training the theme park’s staff to run the scanner. Many theme parks operate on a rent + % of revenue model for the space; however, some will also allow just the rent or just the % of revenue model for renting out their space. Foot traffic can be phenomenal at a theme park location, but be sure to scout the location before agreeing, as corners and nooks and crannies can be lower traffic and result in lost opportunity.

Most theme park locations have a simplified product line to avoid confusion with customers, as customers will generally only want to spend 2-4 minutes engaged with you/the product, as they are generally there to ride attractions and watch shows. In many theme park locations, digital products are key, as they are quicker to deliver and allow the customers to engage with them while still at the theme park.

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Twindom combines proprietary technology and top-of-the-line production tools to bring 3D photography businesses to life. Our scalable solution is designed to operate across a range of full-body scanning photography business models. As you begin to set up your 3D scanning and printing business, we recommend taking the following parameters into consideration:

Max Operational Days/Year
Foot Traffic
Ease of Selling to the Customer
Potential Annual Revenue
Fixed Costs
Operational Costs