Full Body 3D Scanning on Cruise Ships

The cruise ship business model generally involves contracting with a cruise line to place your full body 3D scanner somewhere on their ship or at their port to take 3D portraits of their guests. In most cases, you will need to staff the location(s) with your own representative, and you will also be responsible for fulfilling product to customers within a certain limited timeframe after the cruise has completed. For many cruise guests, a 3D portrait is a perfect memory for them to take home to remember their vacation, and with that in mind, it is possible to charge a higher rate for the product on cruise ships and in ports compared to in other types of locations.

Also, you can be on a small ship with a limited number of passengers and still be profitable depending on how you structure your employee’s pay — you have the passengers’ undivided attention for dozens of hours on a standard cruise, so even smaller ships can still prove to be profitable. If you are able to set up in a port, you have limited hours, and can scan people on their way onto or off of the ship.

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Twindom combines proprietary technology and top-of-the-line production tools to bring 3D photography businesses to life. Our scalable solution is designed to operate across a range of full-body scanning photography business models. As you begin to set up your 3D scanning and printing business, we recommend taking the following parameters into consideration:

Max Operational Days/Year
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Ease of Selling to the Customer
Potential Annual Revenue
Fixed Costs
Operational Costs