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Over 100 customers in 20+ countries trust Twindom's 3D body scanners, 3D software, and 3D product fulfillment services to help them run their businesses.

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“My favorite things about the Twinstant Mobile are its easy operation, mobility and competitive price relative to other full body 3D scanners on the market.”

-Shohei, Partner at Papyutto
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“Twindom’s Twinstant full body scanners provide you the best value for your money. Their customer support is fabulous.”

-Martin, Owner of My Twin ME
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“[For expansion,] I am currently looking at two options: possibly adding another system for being mobile or adding another location. It will be one of the two.”

-Reza, Owner at MiniMe Factory
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“The most valuable attribute is the very short scan time. Our customers routinely comment about the advantage of NOT having to pose for extended periods of time.”

-Ron Wilson, My! That’s Me!
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