Lighting Kit for Twinstant Mobile Twindom

Lighting evenness and color accuracy on your 3D scans can be negatively affected by your setup environment. This kit is designed to make your 3D scan quality much more consistent, and enable you to set up the 3D scanner in locations without ideal lighting or ideal backgrounds.

After you’ve decided which 3D printing and scanning business model is right for you, it’s time to explore how to take your Twinstant Mobile setup from good to great. That’s where the Twindom Lighting Kit comes in.

Designed to bring out the most lifelike details in each of your scans, the Twindom Lighting Kit includes a custom 360 degree vinyl curtain fitted with 12 additional LED strips. With these two elements, our customers have witnessed the quality of their scans skyrocket. If your Twinstant Mobile is set up with the Twindom Lighting Kit from day one, you will be in great shape to dominate the 3D portrait market in your region.

Twindom Lighting Kit Core Features

The kit is designed to attach to the Twinstant easily, neatly, and without tools - all you need is your supplied stepladder.

Includes a Single Sided Curtain Kit
Achieve more even color from our specially designed lighting system, creating a more lifelike representation of any subject you choose to capture.
Improve your overall figurine geometry by enabling clearer capture and crisper lines
Our carefully crafted lighting system brings the total number of LED strips from 16 to 28
Your raw models will appear high fidelity enough to proudly present to your clients shortly after their portrait session

Without the Twindom Lighting Kit

A poor environment can easily cause uneven lighting and inaccurate color.

Over exposure/ Uneven Lighting

3D scan from Twinstant Twindom

Bright face & dark limbs will print with different skin tones. 

Red Skin tone

3D scan from Twinstant Twindom

Red pigmentation across the subject will be amplified in the print.

Under exposure

3D scan from Twinstant Twindom

Prints are two shades darker than the digital model. Poorly lit models will be very dark once printed. 

With the Twindom Lighting Kit

Removes the majority of environmental variables - resulting in crisper geometry, even lighting, and lifelike color.

3D scan from Twinstant Twindom
3D scan from Twinstant Twindom

What’s Included + Setup

We are a details-oriented company. Purchasing the Twindom Lighting Kit through Twindom directly ensures that you will be fully equipped with every single part needed to properly light your scans.

Parts supplied in your Twindom Lighting Kit:

  • 12 LED strips inside aluminum channels, pre-wired to barrel plugs
    • 7 LED strips for top ring, with 2 sets of double strips
    • 5 LED strips for bottom ring, with end caps/angled feet attached
  • 12 Top Swivel Brackets
  • 1 spare barrel plug with +Red and -Black terminals
  • 1 pair of spare bottom LED endcaps/feet
Twinstant Pole parts from Scanner Twindom

Parts supplied in your Curtain Kit:

  • 20 Plastic top brackets
  • 20 Metal S-hooks
  • 12 Ball bungee cords
  • 2 Black thumb nuts
  • 1 Doorway center bracket
  • Single-sided curtain kit includes:
    • 6 Wide, printed vinyl curtains (44”W x 82”H) – 3 different patterns with 2 curtains each
    • 2 Narrow, printed vinyl curtains (34”W x 82”H)
    • 2 Doorway printed vinyl curtains (26”W x 82”H)
  • Double-sided curtain kit includes:
    ***If you buy the double-sided curtain, your logos and text can be printed large on the outside of the scanner to attract customers.

    • 12 Wide, printed vinyl curtains (44”W x 82”H) – Inside-facing: 3 different patterns with 2 curtains each; Outside-facing layout according to customer
    • 4 Narrow, printed vinyl curtains (34”W x 82”H)
    • 4 Doorway printed vinyl curtains (26”W x 82”H)

(All quantities include spare parts)

Twinstant Curtain parts from Scanner Twindom

Learn More About the Twindom Lighting Kit

Want to see more examples of how the Twindom Lighting Kit can exponentially improve your scans? Our sales team would be happy to walk you through some customer case studies. Hit the button below to get in touch.