Twinstant Mobile

Full-Body 3D Scanner. Simple. Powerful. Mobile. Starting at $26,995 + $299/month cloud subscription

Live in 9 countries!

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Easy As 1-2-3

1. Setup

The Twinstant Mobile folds and unfolds in seconds for easy transportation.

2. Scan

Take scans with just a few clicks of a mouse.

3. Sell

Review, share and order on-site or online.

Want to try the Twinstant Mobile and Twindom Platform?


Fits in the back of a car (even a Prius) and sets up in less than an hour!

Stunning Scans and Products

Click any image to view the gallery of 3D models and 3D prints created by the Twinstant Mobile and Twindom Cloud Platform.

Don’t just stare at pictures. See the quality for yourself!

Twindom Makes Business Sense

Low Start-up Cost

3rd party financing available.

Location Flexibility

Go where your customers are. Carry the Twinstant in the back of your car and set up in less than an hour.

Higher Margins

Make more money on every product sold with our industry-leading print pricing.

Ever-Evolving Product Variety

Products for all customer segments. Choose to offer figurines, busts, jewelry, gaming avatars, and many more products to come.

Built-in Marketing

Every scan is automatically shareable across social media, and customers LOVE sharing their scans.

Hassle-Free Order Fulfillment

Focus on scanning your customers and we’ll take care of order fulfillment through our global network of approved 3D printing partners.

We have been scanning and 3D printing people for nearly three years and have learned a LOT about what works and what does not. We have turned all of our experiences into a public guide to the 3D Photography industry, which you can request by clicking the button below.