Custom 3D Products That Look Exactly Like You! Twindom

Digital Avatar Products

boy dance 3d animation

Animated Video

Creativity meets technology to feature your customers in engaging videos.

3d avatar nft

Avatar NFTs

Secure your avatar’s digital identity on the blockchain.

metaverse ready avatar

MetaVerse-Ready Avatars

Elevate your virtual identity in any virtual world with your life-like avatar.

george virtual fitting

Virtual Fitting

Experience the future of fashion using your avatar to try on clothes and find the perfect fit.

video game 3d

Video Games

Level up the realism using your life-like avatar in your favorite video game.

augmented reality 1

Augmented Reality

New interactive experiences are awaiting your avatar as we blend digital and physical worlds in amazing AR.

3D Printed Avatar Products

Personal 3D Printed Figurines

Your digital twin produced with impeccable precision.

3d printed dog

3D Printed Pets

Preserve the warmth and joy of your pet companion with the forever keepsake.

3d wedding cake toppers

3D Wedding Cake Toppers

More about 3D Wedding Cake Toppers

3d game pieces 1

3D Game Pieces

Add a new dimension to your games with personalized game pieces.

spiderman 3d printed action figure twindom 2

Action Figures

Unleash your imagination and become your favorite superhero!

3d ornaments

3D Printed Ornaments

Feel the joy each holiday season with a customized ornament featuring your loved one on your tree.

Don’t just stare at pictures.

See the quality of our 3D printed figurines for yourself!

Become a Twindom

We have been 3D Scanning to make 3D Printed Figurines and 3D Avatar Selfies for over 15 years.
Let us introduce you to our 3D technologies!

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