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We have been doing things with human avatars since 2008! You may have seen one of our scanner locations like Disney, Carnival Cruise Lines, in Las Vegas at MGM Grandand Planet Hollywood, Spartan Race, the NFL, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, and Kodak. With over 200 scanners sold globally, our partners have used our scanners, products, and services to deliver well over 100,000 figurines and other avatar products to customers all over the world.

Today, a person’s avatar can be used in many applications (it’s not just for 3d printed figurines anymore). Look at the world around you. You will see people shifting their social interactions, business engagements, entertainment, art, commerce, and life in general to interact in virtual realities.

Virtual realities require avatars!

Whether you plan to operate a 3D studio location and/or a 3D event business, our turn-key avatar solutions provide the opportunity to create digital avatars of your customers for use in a growing number of amazing 3D products from life-like figurines to animated action sequences or embarking on an adventure in the metaverse.

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Are you ready to capitalize on the rapidly growing market of avatars?

Here are reasons the avatar business could be right for you:

You recognize this is a blue ocean market meaning there is little to no competition with tremendous opportunity for rapid and profitable growth.
You want to leverage a proven business model that has worked at large scale with several major brands.
You want a benefit from our expertise and best practices to get up and running quickly, avoid costly mistakes, and maximize your ROI.
You want to be part of leading the industry and forging new business opportunities for avatars with innovative 3D technologies.
You think beyond figurines. You recognize that figurines are the Trojan Horse to other (much larger) profit centers.
You want a fun and exciting business delivering 3D avatar products and services that “WOW” people everywhere you go.
body scanner

3D Full Body Scanner

Optimized for people and pets.


Enterprise Software

Everything you need to create and sell high quality avatar productions.


Product Fulfillment

You scan.
We handle everything else.


Partner Support

15 years of experience at your service.

global networking

Global Partner Network

We operate in over 20+ countries around the world.

lead generation

Lead Generation

We direct customers to your doorstep.

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