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Twindom and The Business of Avatars

We have been 3D scanning people to create human avatars and avatar products since 2008! With over 200 scanners sold worldwide, our partners have used our full body scanner, 3D avatar software, avatar products, and 3D services to deliver over 50,000 3D printed figurines and other avatar products all over the world.

A person’s digital avatar can be used in many applications. An avatar is not just for 3D printing anymore. Look at the world around you. You will see people shifting their social interactions, business engagements, entertainment, art, and life in general to interact in virtual realities. These virtual realities require avatars!

The market for human avatars is expected to reach over $500 BILLION by 2032!

Whether you plan to operate a 3D studio location and/or a 3D event business, our turn-key avatar solution provides the opportunity to create digital avatars of your customers for use in a growing number of amazing 3D products like 3D printing figurines, animated action sequences, and adventures in the metaverse!

Turn-Key Avatar and Figurine Business Solution

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3D Full Body Scanner

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Enterprise 3D Software

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Digital Avatars

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Integrated e-Commerce

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3D Printed Figurines

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3D Full Body Scanner

Optimized for people and pets.


Enterprise Software

Everything you need to sell high quality avatar and figurine products.


Product Fulfillment

You scan.
We handle everything else.


Partner Support

15 years of experience at your service.

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Global Partner Network

We operate in countries all around the world.

lead generation

Lead Generation

We direct customers to your doorstep.

Ready to start your own
3d avatar business?

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The world’s largest full-color 3D printing hub.

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Operations in over 20+ countries.

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In business since 2008.
We have scanned over 100,000 people and produced over 50,000 3D printed figurines.

Become a Twindom

We have been 3D Scanning to make 3D Printed Figurines and 3D Avatar Selfies for over 15 years.
Let us introduce you to our 3D technologies!

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