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What is a 3D printed figurine, 3D portrait or 3D selfie?

A 3D printed figurine, 3D selfie or 3D portrait (they all mean the same thing) is a special moment captured in 3D and printed on a full-color 3D printer. General steps:

  1. You first get 3D scanned on a full body 3D scanner.

  2. Next comes the digital processing which consists of lots of 3D retouching done by a 3D artist. This is to ensure the raw 3D scan output will look good when 3D printed on a full color 3D printer.

  3. Finally the model is printed on a full color 3D printer.

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3D Portraits in 4 Easy Steps

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How are 3D printed figurines, 3D portraits, and 3D selfies made?

There are many steps involved, but in general:

1) Get 3D scanned on a full body 3D scanner;

2) Your 3D scan gets digitally processed into a 3D model that can be printed on a full-color 3D printer;

3) Your 3D model is printed on a full-color 3D printer;

What full-color 3D printer makes the figurines?

We use the HP Jet Fusion 580 3D printer made by Hewlett Packard (HP) to print the scans captured on our full body 3D scanner. Besides 3D printed figurines, these printers are also sometimes used for:

1) Product development

2) Stop motion films

3) Making replicas of artifacts

This printer is meant to be used in factories and quality output can be difficult without the care of a skilled operator.

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After  I’m 3D scanned, how are the 3D models stored digitally?

Once your 3D scanned the files are stored as .obj files before they are turned into 3D printed figurines. Get more details.

How long do the 3D portraits last? Is there anything I should be careful with?

In general you want to avoid exposing the 3D portraits to direct sunlight and moisture. Go here for a full list of things to avoid.

I’m interested in starting a 3D printed figurine business in my local area. Where can I learn more?

To get in contact with our sales team, fill out our contact us form.

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