Wow Your Guests With 3D Scanning at Your Corporate Party

Compact, Cool, and Simple

Many companies have benefited from adding our 3D scanning experience to their corporate parties — yours could be next!

Custom 3D printed wedding cake topper


A 3D scanner that requires just a 10′ diameter circle of floor space to set up in (79 sqft).

3d printed figurines, 3d portraits, 3d miniature, 3d selfie

Benefits for Your Business

Increase brand recognition through social sharing
Collect guest contact information for marketing
Be a ridiculously cool brand by offering 3D gifts
Fully-managed service offered by Twindom and it’s partners

When you’re hosting a party, whether it may be for your employees, current customers, or prospective customers, finding something unique to help your brand stand out is always difficult.

By hiring a Twindom Partner to run a Twinstant Full Body 3D Scanner on-site at your booth, you can elevate your brand dramatically and provide your partygoers something to remember you by forever: 3D printed figurines, or digital products, including holograms, animated GIFs, augmented reality models, and much, much more — all branded with your own logo!

The cost is reasonable, and the memories will last a lifetime for your party’s visitors!

Awesome 3D Products

3D Printed Figurines

Full-color 3D prints, produced in Nylon using HP Multi-Jet-Fusion 580 full-color 3D printers. Priced starting at $39 plus shipping.

3D Printed Miniatures

3D portraits produced at smaller sizes with a full-color resin 3D printer. Available at 1 inch to 3 inch sizes. Priced starting at $29 plus shipping.

3D Crystals

Laser engraved K9 3D crystals of your scan. Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 3″x2″x2″ up to 6″x4″x4″ (H x W x D). Priced starting at $49 plus shipping.

Free Shareable 3D GIFs

GIF images, shareable via social media platforms for your guests to show off their experience – all at zero additional cost to you or your guests.

3d printed figurines, 3d portraits, 3d miniature, 3d selfie
3d printed miniature, 3d portraits, 3d printed figurine, 3d selfie
3d printed miniature, 3d portraits, 3d printed figurine, 3d selfie
share 3d selfies on social media

How It Works

We do the heavy lifting — you simply provide a space at your corporate party, and we take care of the rest.

  1. Reach out to us to start the conversation
  2. Make space and we’ll install the 3D scanner and run it
  3. Wow your customers with the amazing digital and physical 3D products they’ll get

Ready to take the next step towards adding a 3D experience to your corporate party?