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About Twindom
Twindom supplies 3D scanners and 3D printing services to the 3D photography market.  Beyond 3D printing, we believe everyone in the world will one day have a 3D model of themselves as part of their digital identity for applications in online shopping, (virtual fitting), virtual reality (be yourself), gaming (play as yourself), health and fitness (monitor your body image) and many more. We are focused on building tools and services that empower all of these applications.

Company Facts
-Founded in 2012

We are looking for like-minded individuals who…

Seek to be World Class – Our career goals involve becoming amongst the best in the world at what we do; we are fully aware that to become the best it takes an immense amount of time and effort which we take as an invitation instead as of a hurdle.

Get shit done – We take great personal pride in facing off against challenges and time pressures and knocking through them out of sheer force of will.

Love to learn – We love to take on new roles outside of our realm of comfort for the sake of learning.

Thirst to build products customers love – We build products that put smiles on people’s faces. Upset customers upset us deeply.

Believe you have to act differently to stand out – Only that which is different is ever noticed.

Open Positions

Right now we aren’t hiring for any specific positions. To get in contact email [email protected].

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