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How do payments work?

In order to accept payments you will need to setup a Stripe account and link it to your own bank account. Here is a link to a video for how to setup a Stripe account and integrate it into your Twindom Cloud Platform account.  Stripe is a similar service to Paypal and allows you to directly deposit funds into your business’s bank account.

When a customer pays for a print through your Twindom online store or your Twindom POS the entire retail price you charge your customer is automatically sent directly your Stripe account. Stripe allows you to accept payment in almost all major world currencies. The fulfillment costs for the 3D figurines are then automatically billed to a credit card we keep on file with your Twindom Cloud Platform account. All fulfillment costs that are billed by Twindom are in USD.

If you are in a country where your credit card company charges extra for paying for things in USD you can also use our Store Credit feature. The Store Credit feature allows you to deposit a lump sum of money directly in your Twindom Cloud Platform account via a wire transfer. When a customer orders we would then bill against your Twindom Store Credit balance instead of your credit card. By doing it this way you would only pay a 1 time wire transfer fee when you sent the lump sum and wouldn’t have to pay your bank any extra fees every time one of your customers purchased a 3D figurine.


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