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3D Scanning at Museums

The museum business model generally allows for a revenue share with the museum itself. In many cases, you will be able to train the museum’s staff on how to use the scanner, after which you will provide end-customer support and management from a remote location, rather than operating the scanner daily. The museum’s gift shop staff generally have extra time that they can spend to operate, which is low-cost for the museum, and also prevents you from needing to invest in additional staff and management.

Museums also generally already have good enough WiFi internet access and power, and can also provide a steady stream of customers. Science museums, specifically, have proven to be very profitable locations for operating a full body 3D scanner to sell 3D portraits and other 3D products. Depending on the museum, you may even be able to create custom add-ons that are themed for their specific collections!

How It Works

We do the heavy lifting — you simply provide a space in your trade show booth, and we take care of the rest.

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About what it is like to build and run your own 3D scanning business read the following testimonials from Twindom partners:

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We have been 3D scanning and making 3D printed figurines, 3D selfies, and 3D portraits for over five years and have learned a LOT about what works and what does not. We have turned all of our experiences into a public guide to the 3D Photography industry, which you can request by clicking the button below.

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