3D Animation

Spiderman 3D printed action figure twindom, 3d printed figurine, 3d selfie

What is a 3D animation?

A 3D animation is made by loading a real-time specialized 3D renderer with a model of you visible on it – usually dancing or doing something else awesome. To get a 3D model of yourself and others you can either 3D model it from scratch (super time intensive) or get 3D scanned on a full body 3D scanner and receive your 3D model to use for animation in 15-20 minutes – no 3D modeling required!

3D animations can be an amazing way to share your experiences and show off your dance moves!

If you want to go the 3D scanning route we can connect you to one of our partners who has a full body 3D scanner near your location. Click here to be put in touch with someone.

Steps required to make a 3D animation:

  1. Pick an outfit and a pose
  2. Find a location/event with a full body 3D scanner
  3. Take your 3D scan in A-pose
  4. Drag and drop your processed 3D model to an animation service like Mixamo and play with it!

Ready to make a 3D animation?

We’ll connect you with one of our partners that has a full body 3D scanner. Just let us know your location.

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