3D Scanning Workflow

(takes less than 60 seconds)

Customer details for 3d body scanner

1. Enter customer details into Twinstant Scanner App

Average time: 20 seconds

Number of people in 3D figurine

2. Select the number of people that are going to be in the 3D printed figurine and let auto calibration run

Average time: 5 seconds

Pose for 3D printed figurine

3. Show the customer how to pose

Average time: 5 seconds

3d scan for 3d printed figurine

4. Click capture and run scan. The capture itself only takes 1/4 of a second.

Average time: 5 seconds

Review pictures from 3D body scanner

5. Review the photos with the customer and submit to the Twindom Cloud Platform for processing

Average time: 15 seconds

Customer Checkout Options

Option 1

Checkout immediately

Review pictures from 3D body scanner

Customer reviews the photoset right after their scan, then selects their desired model size based on sample 3D printed figurines. You collect payment details and shipment information.

Option 2

Wait 5-10 minutes for 3D Preview

3D portrait preview Twindom

Customer waits 5-10 minutes to see a 3D Preview of their 3D figurine. Once satisfied, you collect their payment details and shipping information.

NOTE: You can continue to scan even while other customers’ scans process in the cloud.

Option 3

Mobile checkout

checkout on phone

Customer gets an email notification once their 3D Preview GIF is done processing and click through to purchase their 3D printed figurine via your whitelabeled online store (included with your Twindom Cloud Platform subscription).

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