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Full-body Scanners

What is a 3D smartphone hologram?

3D smartphone hologram is made by placing a simple foldable lens on top of your smartphone, then loading a real-time specialized 3D renderer with a model of you or your family visible on it. To get a 3D model of yourself and others you can either 3D model it from scratch (super time intensive) or get 3D scanned on a full body 3D scanner and receive a link to see your hologram in 10-15 minutes – no 3D modeling required!

3D smartphone holograms are a fantastic way to show off really cool technology to your friends and family and be the life of a party!

Steps required to make a 3D smartphone hologram (more details below)

Creating a 3D smartphone hologram requires getting scanned by a full-body 3D scanner. 
When customers choose this service through Twindom partners, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

map 2

Find a Twindom location or event with a portable 3D scanner


3d printed action figures 3

Pick an outfit and a pose, and take your 3D scan


3d printed action figures 2

Obtain a 3D smartphone hologram lens, affix to your screen, and show it off!



Ready to Make a 3D Smartphone Hologram?

If you want to go the 3D scanning route we can connect you to one of our partners who has a full body 3D scanner near your location.

Want to Offer 3D Smartphone Holograms in Your Area or at Events?

If you want to offer a 3D smart hologram as a service, click ‘become a partner’ to start the process.

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